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You find artists on every continent of the globe. You find artists in every country, city and town worldwide. In the United States alone there are 2.1 million artists putting their creative energies out there every hour of every day — and loving every minute of it.

Artists Network is a community of creatives like you, who strive to live artful lives and share your passions in ways both big and small every day.

A Tailored Destination

Whether you’re picking up a paintbrush for the first time or preparing for a solo exhibition, Artists Network is designed with you in mind. Here you’ll find everything from prompts to jumpstart your art-making process to high-level techniques to bolster your skills.

Come have fun and make art with us! It is a light-hearted, energizing adventure that we want to embark on with you!

On an Artful Mission

Our mission is to empower artists with the techniques, knowledge, ideas, and inspirations that help ignite their visions and bring them to life. We put those possibilities in your hands through compelling print publications, online media, video education and real-time experiences.

What We Offer

Premier Publications

Artists MagazineWatercolor ArtistPastel Journaland Southwest Art are the publications of choice for 100,000+ artists of all skill levels, offering exclusive content and custom experiences.

Artists Network Membership

We’re a few weeks into 2021, and with this New Year we’re introducing something pretty darn cool: As of yesterday, Artists Network Membership was born! What exactly is Artists Network Membership, you ask?

Great question. In a nutshell, on top of all the free instruction and inspiration you’re getting from us each day, Membership offers unlimited VIP access to the deep trove of premium Artists Network treasures. We’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of practical, technique-driven content created by top working artists from around the globe — certain to help take your artistic skills to the next level (and then some).

Fuel for Your Creative Fire

  • Fun art projects
  • Easy art hacks
  • DIY approaches to beautify your world and let your inner artist OUT
  • Tons of inspiration
  • Techniques from the most basic to more advanced

Let’s Connect

We deeply believe that experiences in art are most memorable when they happen in person. We also believe that artists who share great stories, instruction and resources deserve to get rewarded for making those connections.


Artists Network produces anywhere from three to five major events for visual art enthusiasts each year. We plan and produce different art-making getaways and retreats, art competitions, pop-up learn-ins, Paint Alongs, art talks and tours, and more in locations worldwide.

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Are you looking for a way to monetize the loyalty and readership of painters, mixed media artists, draftsmen, and all the creative types who visit your website, blog, or Facebook page day in and day out? Now you can! Learn how to become an Artists Network Affiliate.

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