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Most relevant art podcast on the internet

After scouring the internet, I can say with confidence that this is the most informative, relevant, and entertaining art podcast out there. It’s been especially inspiring for my work during the pandemic.

— nik¡ta via Apple Podcasts


Affirming, genuine & inspiring!


This podcast has ironed out so many existential and everyday quagmires I run into as an artist just beginning to start her own business. The artists are diverse in their areas of work and perspectives. There is no pretension in this podcast, which I absolutely love. 

— LJB97 via Apple Podcasts


Engaging Conversations


The conversational style of this podcast not only feels really great; it also leads to some deep insights in a way that keeps me connected to the artist’s heart while also stretching me and creating an opportunity to see things differently!

— ArtSoulLifeLove via Apple Podcasts

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Art Bound is going Town Hall style, and we want your voice in the room. Together, let’s pull back the curtain on how it really feels to pursue art as a passion. By lending your thoughts, you’ll significantly broaden the range of perspectives, and you’ll also get to hear from other artists about how they think, feel, behave — and most importantly, create. Learn more and chime in below!
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Meet Your Host: Doug Kacena

Doug Kacena is a Denver contemporary abstract artist, and the owner and director for K Contemporary gallery. He is member of the Denver Art Dealers Association and the former gallery director of Evergreen Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden. A strong supporter of the art community, Doug has taught art and art therapy to developmentally disabled adults through the state of Colorado, in addition to founding the Denver Artists Services Association, a not-for-profit organization providing guidance to artists. In addition to his artwork, he is a talented designer working in rug design, print, commercials and film. His 2016 body of work and exhibition ”Crossover” was the subject of a PBS Special with Colorado Public Television, and the video was nominated for an Emmy in 2017.

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