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It was very lucky I got into contact with Marian Filarski (the Netherlands): she is an amazing artist and also an amazing teacher, working from the wabisabi filosophy. I learned heaps from her and I would not be on the artistic path I am today without her. She is 71 and starting out on a whole new journey of making digital art.

Lucienne Kleisen

The first artist who had an impact on my life was my grandmother.  She encouraged me to sketch and bought me paints and paper. Life and a career put paid to my painting aspirations. However, I met a wonderful artist called Annice. She set me on the road to becoming an artist in my own right. I have also learned so much from artists on Wet Canvas. However, without discipline and a true love of the process, all the encouragement, reading and workshops would have been in vain.  Thank you to all those artists whose commitment to the creative process, have been an inspiration to me on my artistic journey.

Chammi Keiser

I would like to thank all my watercolor teachers/artists for their dedication to bringing the joy of watercolor to their students.  My first teacher, Julie Crouch, worked tirelessly to inform all her students – beginning, intermediate and advanced – about the magic of color mixing and the basic techniques we needed to know to explore our own creativity successfully in this challenging medium. And without the excellent critiques of my present teacher, John Byram, I would not be as far along as I am today.  My thanks also go out to Richard Scott, whose excellent classes focus on the critical processes of design and composition. To be an artist is a gift.  To be a good teacher is an art.  To be both wrapped into one is a blessing.

Laurie Gillis

My thanks go to Priscilla Hauser and JoSonja Jansen–two of the “big brushes” in decorative painting for teaching and inspiring me to learn.  I know many people do not consider Decorative painting to be “real” art.  I disagree strongly.  Primitive people embellishing cave walls and functional objects were the root of art itself.  I began as a decorative (tole) painter but learned skills and techniques that I could apply to my original art as I evolved.  I moved past copying other painters and developed my original designs, then moved on to original canvases, mostly from memory of my rural childhood.  My kids said decorative painting was my gateway drug that got me into art!  I have never regretted the time spent, and these two decorative artists were the force that drew me in.

Betsy Levels

When I was a child, I loved art; I lived and breathed it.  I grew up in a family long on love and short on money, so generally I drew on paper towels.  But my kindergarten teacher saw something in me and arranged a scholarship to the Wyomissing Institute of Art for lessons.  There I met the late Jean Baker Gross, who took me under her talented wing and taught me as much as I could learn.  When I was in my teens, she insisted that I study with her friends who were also instructors, and I owe her everything.  I would not have had a life in art had it not been for the mentoring of these wonderful women teachers.  I have tried to follow their example and mentor as many kids as I can because you never know what difference you may make in a child’s life.

Gail Savage

I wish to thank the master Iñigo Manterola. His great skill and friendliness were a big boost for me to get back to painting after a (very) long period off my brushes. Of course, I cannot paint a sea or a town as beautiful as any one he paints, but watching his many videos in Instagram inspires my attempts! Ah! And he’s a fantastic iron-sculptor too!

Rafa Flores

Thank you, Jim Campbell, for showing my young self how important and valuable art is. I still have the pen and ink drawing you gave me at Breuner’s Furniture store where you were demonstrating your art and selling it for people to decorate their homes. You were the first person who took me seriously as a fellow artist.

Angela Lam

It takes a village to nurture an artist. From a very young age, my parents and grandparents encouraged me to make art by giving me art supplies on every holiday and birthday. My stocking was always filled with paint brushes and colored pencils, and my dad bought me books on Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet. In middle school, my neighbor was an artist and I traded babysitting her four young children for art lessons. She encouraged me to enter my first contest and I won a blue ribbon at the Grange Fair in my hometown. Studying with Robert Guzman-Forbes in high school and the Glastonbury Art Guild inspired me to build a portfolio that helped me get accepted into art school in New York.  Without the support, encouragement, and inspiration of my family and hometown village, I would not have pursued a creative career or thought I could be an artist.

Beth Stinson

My father is my inspiration. Basically self taught, later in life he became an amazing artist. I originally thought it was a little odd, him being the only man in the ladies “painting group” at the club house. What I didn’t know was besides the friendships he was cultivating, he was diving deeper into the art world. Quietly overtime my father just became an artist. This is just yet another thing my father can say he is and does, but he won’t tell you, he is so humble. He also won’t tell you he spent years volunteering to teach grade school art master classes. Now, when together one of my absolutely favorite things to do is paint with my father. Besides the lessons I’m receiving from him, watching him create and work on a piece is a joy in itself. Thanks, dad for all you give back to the world-and to me!

Joni Anderson

After going to The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, I became starry eyed about her work. Since then I dove into an ode to O’keeffe series. Georgia was and is my favorite Woman artist. Her flower series expresses her strong sense of femininity as well as her barns and buildings bring out the male side

Ellen Forbes

I am grateful to all those Artists that have generously shared their talents.  Attempting to draw, paint, or sketch without guidance is frustrating.  The unselfish help from those of you on this site, sharing your craft and expertise, has made all the difference to me. I was not able to pursue any formal training, and because of you I have been able try what I have yearned to do since my childhood. I’m no “Artist”, but because of you all, I’m no quitter!  I’m retired now, and I will continue to practice.  Thank you for this gift to me and to us all, it has made all the difference.

Rhonnie Laughman

I thank my artistic alma mater, the Schuler School of Fine Arts and the elder statesmen of the Charcoal Club of Baltimore for helping me to find my artistic voice, Determined to make it as a portraitist, I was guided, scolded, drawn on, painted on, shamed, lauded and drew, drew, drew until one day, the great Ann Didusch Schuler said to me, I’m so proud of you. I looked behind me, to see who she was talking to-as it surely couldn’t have been me. Ann and all the rest are in heaven now, but drawing, watercolor, oil, I got the most amazing education, which put me on the road to success. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. You made me what I am. (I helped a little too)

Jennifer Murtha

I have been inspired by many artists from the old masters to Lori McNee and so many artists who are working now. My greatest inspiration comes from the artist who is closest to me, Cristy Dunn. Her attention to detail and deep meaning in her paintings inspire me and she is always willing to share what she has learned with me and other artists. I love supporting and learning from other artists.

Temple Reece

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