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The Art Bound podcast dives deep into the questions you rarely hear asked on other art podcasts. Artist, curator, and Art Bound host Doug Kacena meets with other artists for brave conversations about the fears, struggles, and misconceptions they encounter while living the art life — and you’re invited to add your voice to the mix. Together, let’s pull back the curtain on how it really feels to pursue art as a passion, to expose both the rewards and rough patches, and to further normalize having the same kinds of vulnerable conversations that many of our artworks strive to provoke.

How It Works

In each episode of Art Bound, Kacena and two other artists explore a specific topic. By lending your thoughts to these conversations below, you’ll significantly broaden the range of perspectives. You’ll also be giving us permission to share your thoughts with the Artist Network community at large. Your unique experiences — along with those of your fellow artists — may appear in future articles or episodes of Art Bound. That means that, in addition to the artists featured in each podcast episode, you’ll get to hear from countless other artists about how they think, feel, behave — and most importantly, create. Let’s do this!

The Conversations

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