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July 22 | Check your video library

Living in the Shadows

with Brienne Brown

What does it take to create light and life in a landscape painting? Oddly enough, it often has less to do with painting the light, and more to do with the quality of the shadows. In this Illuminate event, renowned watercolor artist and teacher, Brienne Brown, shares her insights in creating rich, lively shadows, developed over years as a plein air landscape artist. Join us live and discover the life living in the shadows of your landscape paintings!

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Past Events

Gustavo Ramos

Think Big by Painting Small

with Gustavo Ramos

Gustavo Ramos has made a name for himself with masterful figurative paintings that go beyond a simple likeness to explore the depth of the human condition. Grounded by a study of Old Master techniques, the artist has developed a contemporary, experimental approach using scale, color, and brushwork to push the boundaries of expression.

Join Artists Network for an exclusive member event in which Gustavo Ramos shares his thoughts how to elevate the genre of portraiture and maintain an invigorating studio practice.

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Omar Lawson

Making Art That Sparks Conversation

with Omar Lawson

Join us for an exclusive event with Omar Lawson, an exciting new talent with a unique approach to portraiture. His acrylic paintings spark interest with their grand scale, vibrant palette, and authentic personality.

Enjoy a lively and inspiring conversation about Lawson’s life, art, and working methods as we embrace the power of discovery through painting.

Recording coming soon.

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Inviting the Unknown into Your Art

with Terri Ford

Pastel artist Terri Ford has accomplished many things throughout her career. She has reached Eminent Pastelist status in the International Association of Pastel Societies and the Master Pastelist distinction in the Pastel Society of America. She has earned countless awards and honors for her paintings and has become a highly respected and sought-after instructor.

Now, Terri is on a journey of discovery, seeking to expand and deepen her connection with the pastel medium. Join us for this new Illuminate Event—part artist’s talk, part demonstration—as Terri reveals her use of experimentation to unlock unknown potential in her work. Then, use these techniques in your own practice to discover new horizons!

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Fearless Fieldwork

with Debby Kaspari

As a plein air painter and nature artist, Debby Kaspari’s immersive fieldwork has taken her from the rich ecosystems of South American jungles, to the salt-crusted shores of the Dead Sea, to the powerful mountains of Montana.

Join us for an exclusive member event to hear lessons and stories from Debby’s adventures, see her setup and the materials she brings into the field, and enjoy a live demonstration of her approaches to drawing and painting in nature.

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Rethinking Watercolor

with Matthew Bird

Matthew Bird is an award-winning watercolor artist who has devised a revolutionary technique in varnishing that will allow you to skip the glass frame! He applies this to his work regularly, and the results are both innovative and beautiful.

Watch a replay of our live event featuring a discussion with Matthew Bird, including a demo of his varnishing technique!

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