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[Sponsored] For Brooklyn-based artist JEDIDIAH DORE, “reportage illustration” is a way to experience life and meet new people while doing something he loves—drawing. Find out more about his tools and materials, and his creative strategies, for this exciting part of his artistic practice.


For Jedidiah, the human encounters always add to the creative experience. “The most beautiful, historic or eventful place is really nothing without the people creating the stories within these places,” he says. “I also love to hear the stories about the neighborhoods from locals who stop to watch me draw. These encounters cause me to approach the drawings with a new perspective.”

The University of Arts, London, describes this form of illustration as “the art of recording real events and situations by hand on paper, just as a photojournalist would use a camera.” For Jedidiah, this form of  “visual journalism” provides the opportunity to make connections as well as art. “I learn about different places and cultures from the people I meet,” he says, “all while drawing—while capturing life as it happens, over a period of time, sequentially.”

“When you show up, give yourself time to simply observe and pay attention. You’ll know when you’re ready to start and what direction to go because of the life happening around you.”

Jedidiah Dore_Sponsored
Jedidiah Dore captures life and around in New York City in lively sketches he creates on site using an array of media.


Jedidiah makes use of a variety of materials and finds himself constantly trying out new tools. “This allows me to be adventurous with my mark-making,” he says, “and challenges me to explore different graphics.” He uses whatever tools help him create drawings that feel dynamic and appear vibrant. “I seek out tools that encourage me to play—to create new ways to tell a story.”

His working methods tend to change according to the situation. “I try not to have a formula to my process, because each event or location I draw is unique and requires a different approach,” he says. If his reportage-drawing takes him to a march or protest, for example, he draws the people as quickly as he can using pen and ink in order to capture the predominant emotions and expressions. “I dive in and go right after the story,” he says.

The artist often uses a mix of media, sometimes working with Derwent’s Inktense Blocks, Academy Oil Pastels and Line and Wash paints in a single piece. “I love to mix up the media,” he says. “So many of the Derwent tools are quite versatile and complement each other well. They’ve really enhanced my drawing process and given me so much more range.”

“Just play. Have fun making art and see what happens to your sketching.”

Astoria Carnival, by Jedidiah Dore
Astoria Carnival, by Jedidiah Dore


For his reportage illustration, Jedidiah brings a bunch of curiosity and wonder, and the following supplies, which he uses alone and in combinations:

  • Speedball C Style Calligraphy set with Black Black Cat waterproof India ink
  • Derwent Academy Oil Pastels
  • Derwent InkTense Block Set and InkTense pencils
  • Derwent Line and Wash Paint Pan Set
  • Derwent Chromacolor pencils
  • Strathmore 400 series toned mixed-media pad (tan)
  • Derwent Lightfast Paper Pad

About The Artist

Jedidiah Dore

Brooklyn-based artist and educator Jedidiah Dore ( specializes in reportage illustration and painting. He has been commissioned to work on several large mural projects in New York City and has also been invited by NASA to contribute artwork for an exhibition.

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This article was sponsored by Blick.

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