Drawing Together Episode 18: Skull-Building Exercises

Drawing Together Episode 18: Skull-Building Exercises

this episode is Part of the Drawing Together live video series – learn more here

Time to contemplate our mortality. Really though, skulls are great objects to draw. Complex forms, subtle values, sensitive edges. And, they’re just cool to look at! Follow along as I create this skull drawing from start to finish!
Follow along using this reference image: https://bit.ly/3avQPj5

Today, I’m working with:

  • White drawing paper
  • Carbon Pencil
  • Vine Charcoal
  • Kneaded and Rubber Erasers

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How to draw a realistic skull
  • Shading techniques
  • Creating texture
  • Subtle value control


Upload a picture of your drawing in the comments below.

Join the Conversation!

  1. I love the almost surreal effect on a couple of these drawings. I was playing catch up on this live draw and thought I should go back and work on the teeth more. Haven’t had the time so I’ll post it anyway.

  2. Wonderful work here! Thank you for watching and sharing. I love the sensitivity to edges in your drawing. Nice work with the proportions and value control as well! – Scott

  3. Hello, Irene! It’s been great seeing you in these live sessions. Your drawing looks great! Nice use of the eraser. I can also see that you’re being very sensitive to pressure control. Thank you for watching and sharing your work! -Scott

  4. This looks great! I like seeing the value control and the awareness of the directional marks. Good proportion control as well! Thank you for watching and sharing your work. – Scott

  5. I’m a rank beginner, as you can see. I’m enormously enjoying your classes. Here’s my skull. I did it in graphite pencil. I really should get some charcoal! I think it’s quite imperfect, but yes, recognisable as a skull. Thanks again!

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